Where is a Safe Place
for Sex Offenders to Live:
The Watch House

Enough is enough. There is a problem. More than 65 percent of convicted sex offenders live in our neighborhoods on probation and more than 50 percent of these predators continue to commit sex crimes.

There is an answer. With around-the-clock monitoring. The Watch House finally lets the criminal justice system say "we have a place" for the dangerous sex offenders living in our community.

Your endorsement will make this happen. Give the justice system the directive to build The Watch House, the key to keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Take an active role in getting sex offenders out of your community.
NEW RESEARCH! Corona Research surveyed sex offender management professionals. Survey results showed dramatic support for The Watch House. Review the Results Now

If all the people who were victims of sex offences reported their crime we might increase our caseload in this regard 5,6, 7 times." - Governor Bill Ritter


The Watch House is an initiative dedicated to effective sex offender management. The Watch House