With more than 20 years of research behind us, we know The Watch House is the answer to public safety and sex offender management because there is no known cure. Check back often to share in our updated progress.

February 2008 – Received Endorsement from Human Rights Watch,
                           International Organization
December 2007 – Introduced the Low-Risk Sex Offender Bill
December 2007 – Created Institute of Sex Offender Management
November 2007 – Launched The Watch House Campaign
December 2006 – Met with Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and Received Support
                             for Better Sex Offender Management
1998 – Created For-Life Sentencing for Sex Offenders
1992 – Created Colorado Sex Offender Management Board
1988 – Introduced Polygraphy Into Treatment of Sex Offenders
1984 – Introduced Shared Living Arrangements for Sex Offenders

Press Coverage
Although The Watch House was founded in Colorado, journalists throughout the United States are contacting The Watch House board members to learn more. If you are a member of the press and want to learn more, e-mail us at
or call 720-273-7441.


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Take an active role in getting sex offenders out of your community.
If all the people who were victims of sex offences reported their crime we might increase our caseload in this regard 5,6, 7 times." - Governor Bill Ritter


The Watch House is an initiative dedicated to effective sex offender management. The Watch House