Become a Watch House KEY and get sex offenders out of your neighborhood and into The Watch House. The best ideas in government come from outside experts and citizens who have grappled with the threat of sex offenders. The criminal justice system cannot build The Watch House on its own. And, it is political suicide for government officials to endorse The Watch House without constituent support. However, as a citizen, you can wield your power and voice the need for The Watch House. Now that we have a solution, we need to demand it be used!

Become a KEY to building The Watch House. You can:

Take an active role in getting sex offenders out of your community.
If all the people who were victims of sex offences reported their crime we might increase our caseload in this regard 5,6, 7 times." - Governor Bill Ritter


The Watch House is an initiative dedicated to effective sex offender management. The Watch House